Golf Club
Wine Bar
Steak House Restaurant
Museum/Cultural Attraction
Motorcycle Shop
Sushi Restaurant
Join other businesses using digital signage.  Enjoy the profits, too.
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Digital signage EMBEDDED.
All of our online demos are embedded.  Embedded simply means that external becomes integrated into your website.  Once your project has been integrated to a web page on your website or one hosted by us, every change to your project is automatically updated each time that web page is accessed.

Not only can you display your digital signage project on flat panel TVs at your place of business, but because it is embedded, it may also be seen on virtually any electronic device that can access a web page.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE EMBEDDED DISPLAYS VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE - On your Flat Panel TV(s), Website, Windows Smart Phones and Tablets as well as on MAC and PC computers.
Build once.  Save.  Play everywhere.

Embedded Digital Signage Sample

Custom designed to fit your needs.
All digital signage projects designed by ip|NARROWCAST are created from the ground up after a consultation with you to determine your exact needs, wants and desires.  After all, it is your business.

A Project Development Manager is assigned to each new account and is your direct contact.

You're never left alone.
ipNARROWCAST. Service you can trust.